INHA Certification


Do you want to share your gift of healing with the world?


How Certification Can Help

INHA Certification gives you a competitive edge:

  • Trust. A potential client is 3x more likely to choose a certified practitioner over a non-certified practitioner.
  • Exposure. Being a part of our directory, you will be actively promoted through INHA advertising and outreach.
  • Earnings. A certified practitioner can demand higher fees, often adding 20% – 40% to their earnings.

Why Certification is Important

We all know that trust is the most important factor in choosing the right practitioner. Being sick is scary enough, but many people are unfamiliar with alternative healing modalities, making their search an uncertain one.

  • An INHA Certification puts new patients at ease immediately, welcoming them to your talents and services as a trusted practitioner.
  • As an INHA-Certified member, you become essentially an ambassador to natural healing, likewise benefitting from this global community of like-minded healers.

Which Membership Level is Right for You?