Introducing Leslie Heinze

To Heal, to Promote Beauty in any Form, and to Give Hope

Leslie Heinze was raised in rural Eastern Kentucky and frequented the beautiful landscape in Little Switzerland, North Carolina. From a young age, Leslie was influenced from a long line of creative family members. From her Grandmother, a writer, editor, and owner of a county newspaper, she learned persistence and work ethic. Her Aunt and Uncles took creative paths as painters and musicians. From them she observed the importance of self expression. Her Mother, a painter, taught her technique and introduced her to mediums that influence her use of heavy texture and movement. From her Father, a Geologist, she learned to take care of and appreciate the environment. From this comes her love of waterfalls, oceans, rivers, lakes, and streams.


Along with undergrad work in Occupational Science from Eastern Kentucky University, she has studied abstract painting and drawing at Kline Academy in Los Angeles, CA and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Venice, CA. A self described “life long student”, the creative process doesn’t stop with art. It is all encompassing in every aspect of her life, as she consciously works to create the life she envisions. With this, her art is a true expression of her inner being with a simple message: to heal, to promote beauty in any form, and to give hope.

Using a broad range of materials and mediums, Leslie creates paintings using minimal color combinations that create subtle to bold visuals. Each painting is heavy with texture that encourages you to touch, and shows the depth you can feel. Her work shows her expression of her surroundings and interactions in everyday life.

Paul Spaeth