Using Energy to Heal

Implementing Thought, Intention, Affirmation and Energy to Heal Yourself and Others

In this article, I share a touching experience I had during the first week of the INHA’s 2014 Launch. I also share my first hand experience with the healing prayers practice I’ve use for the past six years.

During the first week of our launch I was contacted by a gentleman who was going through a challenging time in his life. He had experienced the loss of two family members and was dealing with settling the details of their estates. Needless to say, it was challenging on so many levels.

Keep in mind, we were in the middle of transitioning from the old INHA to the new website. So I wasn’t quite connected to the members of our community, and he had just replied to an email sent out to inform people about the change. Nevertheless, after hearing about his situation, I felt a strong inspiration to ask the man if it would be ok if we invited the INHA Community to send him healing prayers. He was open to the process, so I had him send me a picture of himself and a description of what he needed healing energy for.

I must say, his willingness is what really touched me. Personally, I’ve struggled with asking for help, even when I know I need it. This dear soul on the other hand was humble enough to acknowledge to himself that he could use some loving energy, his Reiki training could have helped him understand this as well.

The INHA Healing Circle is Here to be a Source of Loving Light to Those in Need

We got his picture and details up on our Facebook page and I feel that the community stepped up and offered their healing energy. This too moved me and has led me to add the “Healing Prayers Circle” to our growing online community.

 I truly believe in the healing power of thought, intention, affirmation and prayer when back by kind energy. A few months ago I was given an up close and person reminder of how amazing healing prayers can be and how loving my friends are.

Picture this, your girlfriends mom suffers from Alzheimer’s. She calls you around Noon and says, “I just got off the phone with my dad and he says mom has been gone since 8:00 am.” OMG! I jump on my bike and start riding around the neighborhood looking for her. No luck, partly because at this point she’s been missing for four plus hours.

 We finally convince her dad to call the police. They get the word out and call in a helicopter, yes a helicopter. My partner and I take photos around to the local businesses asking them if they’ve seen her and the police have eight or more units driving the streets of Los Angeles, CA looking for her.

 She’s been missing for eight plus hours now. Just before we go into the local Whole Foods to ask if they’ve seen her, My intuition prompts me to ask my friends from Ananda Los Angeles if they’d start sending healing prayers in order to help us find her, as well as help her mom if she is in trouble or hurt.

 Amazing, no less than five minutes after sending a request to my friends for healing prayers, did we get a call from her dad telling us that the police found her mom! Coincidence? I believe not, because my girlfriends mom went missing the next week and was lost for another eight plus hours. Once again, we asked for loving energy to be sent and with-in minutes the police got a call about her.

 **Note** Since then we’ve implemented some safeguards to make sure her mom doesn’t go for a walk around the neighborhood without someone accompanying her.

How to Send Healing Energy with Magnetism and Intention

The above mentioned experiences along with countless others have shown me the truly trans formative potential of thought fueled by intention and guided by loving compassion. Now I’d like to share with you the practical technique me and my friends at Ananda LA use when we send out healing prayers. Please keep in mind that this is NOT the only way to send healing energy, nor do I claim that it is the best. It is the way I practice and I encourage you to discover your own and cultivate the ability as best as you can.

 Ananda LA’s Healing Prayers Technique:

Find a Quiet Space to Sit

 If possible, find a quiet place to sit. We like to send healing prayers as part of our meditation practice. However, you may want to sit quietly at the foot of your bed, or at your desk or even in your car. As long as you can sit quietly and concentrate. The environment in which you choose to send your healing energy from plays a role. With that said, your intention and concentration plays an even bigger one.

 Focus Your Energy and Intention

Once you’ve found a quiet place to sit. Take some time to calm your body, mind and thoughts. Then begin to focus your energy and willingness on the intention of your healing prayer. Once you feel your calm and focused, offer up this prayer to the Divine (or one of your own),

 “Divine Mother, Thou art omnipresent. Thou art in all Thy children. Manifest Thy healing energy in the body, mind and soul of those we pray for.”

 Visualize the Person or Persons in Need of Healing

 Strongly visualize in your mind’s eye the person or persons in need of healing. See them surrounded in golden-white light. See that energy filling every cell of their body. See it clearing away all mental confusion, See it’s Divine connection to the soul and inviting the souls true nature to be manifest.

 You could also use a picture of the person in need of healing. After you’ve calmed and focused your energy, gaze into the eyes of the person you intend to send energy to, connect to them energetically and see them filled with healing light.

Send them Healing Energy

Keeping your mind and intention focused on the intended recipient of the healing energy, bring your hands together at the heart center and rub them together quickly in order to generate warmth and magnetism. Then with your palms raised forward (like the picture of Yogananda above), chant Aum (OM) three times. While you’re doing so, feel as if energy is flowing outward from your warm and magnetically charged hands. Guide this energy with your focus and intention to reach the person(s) to whom you are wanting to help.

Practice Non-Attachment

Please practice this, or any healing technique, with non-attachment. Try not to have an expectation of the result. Most of us know, from our own experience, that the Universal energy tends to work best when we don’t have an attachment to the result. Sometimes your healing prayer may have a quick result, other times it will take days, months or even years. Be patient and understanding. Keep your intention pure and loving and all will work out for the best.


In closing, I’d like to thank you for being a part of the INHA Community. I’d also like to remind you of our Healing Circle, and invite you to get involved either as a giver or a receiver.

Q&A – Questions and Actions


Do you have any miraculous stories about healing prayers or similar forms of energy work?

Would you like to get involved with our Healing Circle?

Do you know of anyone who could use some healing intention sent their way?


Practice the healing prayer technique outlined above and share your experience with us.

If you have your own form of sending healing energy, try keeping track of when you implement the practice and share the results with us.

Invite other heart-centered healers to join our Healing Circle.

Paul Spaeth